Q&A Template

Section One – [Answer all]

  1. Hello, how are you? How are things in the world of [band name] at the moment?
  2. For anyone unfamilar with what it is you do, tell us a little bit about your sound and influences?
  3. And where can people find out more about you?


Section Two – [Select relevant]

  1. You’ve [just released/about to release] a new [EP/Album/Single] called [insert name] – what can people expect from that?
  2. What have you got coming up in terms of live shows in the next few weeks/months?


Section Three – [Answer all]

  1. There is so much incredible underground talent that often goes under the radar, many of whom you’ll share the stage with regularly. Who should we be checking out?
  2. Hollywood calls, they’re making [Band name]: The Movie. Who stars as you/the other band members?
  3. Finally, is there anything else you’d like to add?