Welcome Back, One For The Road! [Blog]

Welcome Back, One For The Road! [Blog]

Welcome back to One For The Road!

After almost two years, it’s great for the site to be finally back online. Life commitments prevented it being a thing for a while, but after a few false starts, here we are!

I wanted to create a space where people with the same passion for music as me can come together and hopefully help promote the things we love. It might not always line-up exactly with my thoughts and opinions on certain music, venues, people etc, but that’s the cool thing about this. We might end up with one person saying that a band sucks, and then someone else saying they’re awesome. I like that. It stops a zine having an agenda.

We’re going to continue to put on some of our favourite bands and solo acts in York and write about the music that we love, so let’s just see where this goes!

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