Chloe Glover: Dark Matter [EP Review]

Chloe Glover: Dark Matter [EP Review]

If you’re a fan of Frank Turner, Kal Lavelle, folk punk and just genuinely good songs Chloe Glover is a must for your portable stereos.

This record kicks off with “Fool”, a song that is honest from the word go. With vocals gliding in after a light and anthemic intro, Chloe gives you a taste of her range quickly on this. The lyrics of this contrast the light feel of the music perfectly, with the uncertainty that comes with being in love with someone, and not knowing if they are feeling the same. What I love is that the first line of this song you have it all out there “I don’t wanna write normal love songs and I don’t wanna sing song of hope…”. This theme of real emotion is carried all the way through to the last line “Cause I’m a fool for you”, a perfect snapshot of the human condition when meeting and falling for someone and a lyric I’m certain you all could happily yell out with your mates at one of Chloe’s shows.

The second I put on track 2, “Get Up Back”, it was like being thrown in a time machine and being taken back to One For the Road Festival last year, watching this songwriter tear it up. Big shout out on production on this record, it captures Chloes live sound and feel nicely, even with the addition of the band it still has that energy you get her vocal stylings and her playing.

If there was any track I’d insist you listen to, it’s this one! A real beauty of track with the chorus that big and anthemic and catchy as hell!
“So I’ll put these vocals together, and I’ll write this song and I’ll play…”
What’s worth noting about this song is the confidence about the music and the honesty of the lyrics reflects another side of this prolific writer. All the uncertainty expressed in “Fool” seems to have disappeared and you’re given this strong person who is not afraid to lay it all out there. This is a real charm in the work Chloe produces, honest heartfelt lyrics that will pull you and make you take note of her experiences.

Continuing with the upbeat music you’re dragged into “Hurricane” and like the song title it moves with force and power that is welcoming with the lovely cheeky EP title name drop in there adding to the power of this track, I guess either this was planned out nicely with track listings but the darker tones of “Hurricane” are some drifting away during “Silver Linings”, still maintaining that up beat driving force of a rhythm that’ll make you want to scream, shout and let it all out but at this point it’s like all the emotions and tales have stuck but not in a negative way, if you listen to the lyrics of the bridge in “Silver Linings” it’s as though all the trials and tribulations have amounted to something incredible special. That reader dare I say is this record.

“We are a little damaged, but we are not broken…”