Leonie Jakobi: Are You Lonely Enough? [Single Review]

Leonie Jakobi: Are You Lonely Enough? [Single Review]

It’s been a great pleasure to see this phenomenal writer and performer develop, this single is a real statement for the Frankfurt native who is currently now based in the “Disneyland for musicians”, Liverpool. So with that lets crack on with her current single “Are You Lonely Enough?”.

This single upon first listen has everything you could you want in a song, it’s got suspense, thumping drums and lots of little music details to enjoy every time you re-listen to it. There’s a real and raw honesty with lyrics that are incredible and deep. From the first line you can tell there’s nothing holding Leonie back on this one, “I hear a thousand voices screaming watch your back, your blood is dripping, tripping over hearts and stolen truths.” If that’s enough to make you go, “Damn! That’s good!” I don’t know what is.

The production value on this is immense, produced by Alex Brits from Liverpools infamous The Cabin studio, everything is mixed in such a way that there is still some space between the multi layered instruments allowing that suspense you get from the first note to build into that huge chorus we’re all wanting and waiting for.

The beauty of this chorus is that Leonie has made a heartbreaking chorus sound so catchy, have incredible depth with harmonies being reinforced with the pounding drum stylings of Lukas Reiss (I believe he played drums on this… either way still worth checking out as a drummer he’s a machine!)

“Are you lonely enough to love me, cause I can’t stand it, I can’t stand the unknown Am I crazy to think you would want me, cause I can’t stand it, I can’t stand the unknown”.

What adds to the charm of this song is you can hear Leonie influences of Bruce Springsteen (the interlude and bridge section are a must listen for this) but it’s not drowning it. You can tell it’s Leonie Jakobi and this song is brilliant.

In this single I feel like Leonie Jakobi is making a real mark for herself, and that she has found a sound that reflects what she is wanting to say perfectly. Driving rhythm, big guitar sounds and a voice armed with lyrics that can break your heart and mend it whilst filling your soul with all of the spirit of Rock and Roll. If you’re a fan of Bruce Springsteen, Brandi Carlile or Frank Turner then my dear reader Leonie Jakobi is one to get for your music collection and brag about discovering to your friends.