Jukebox Generation is the second E.P from Essex born, Manchester based singer songwriter Chloe Hawes and it is laden with nostalgia and well crafted songs reminiscent of a time gone by.

Chloe’s voice is the driving force of the E.P, with its the smokey tone and warmth that sets her apart from her acoustic peers.
The opening number ‘Leave Me Be’ showcases Chloe’s adept skill for writing lyrically and melodically sincere songs that resonate more with each listen.
The EP is an ambitious and soulful blend of alt-country, Americana and folk with with a noir twist and for the most part all of these influences gel together perfectly. There are, however, odd moments were the vocals get swallowed by the rest of the band and but these are few and far between.
Chloe Hawes is definitely one to keep on your music radar, I’m already eagerly anticipating her next installment of noir themed alt-country.
Check out the first track from the EP below: