Groezrock 2017: Stage Times and Where To Find Us [Preview]

Groezrock 2017: Stage Times and Where To Find Us [Preview]

With a little over three weeks to go until the festival, Groezrock have revealed their stage times for both days, so we’ve complied a little list of the bands we definitely need to see. Here’s where we’ll be on the Saturday…

Anti-Flag are our must see band for the whole weekend. 100%. It’s going to be a long old day, with the first band on the entire bill, Red City Radio kicking off eleven and a half hours prior. There are a lot of bands on this list that we haven’t highlighted. The plan is at this point to have a wander and check out as many bands as possible outside of our key bands.

Same goes for Sunday. Our top band is funtime pop-punks Zebrahead. Like Anti-Flag, we’ve seen them countless times and will no doubt see them loads more after this. They’re the perfect band to get you through the usual Sunday afternoon tiredness.

You’ll notice we’ve highlighted a lot less bands on the Sunday than Saturday. We’re seeing that as a good thing – it doesn’t mean that we aren’t impressed with the line-up, it means we’ve got loads of time to go out and find our new favourite bands.

If there’s anything we should really be checking out that we might have missed, let us know in the comments!

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