Joscha David Mohs: Stray Dog [Single Review]

Joscha David Mohs: Stray Dog [Single Review]

Finally the world of Joscha David Mohs fans can cheer “Hurrah!”. The man himself has finally released his infamous song “Stray Dog”.

Let me tell you fellow reader as someone who has toured with Joscha, this song is incredible special, something definitely worth listening to and taking into your lives.

Produced by Stacey Gaunt of Broken Piano, the team have done an exceptional job and have done this song a real justice. What makes this even special is Joscha is based in Germany’s not so hidden gem of Wuppertal and Stacey is over in the UKs charming musical power house of Sheffield!

If you’re a fan of EELS, Violent Femmes, even blurs “The Universal” or just songs that have beautiful music and lyrics, then this is sure to warm the cockles of your soul and become a favourite. My favourite lyric of this song would have to be “You could make my rainy day turn every scale of grey, into colourful bouquets of flowers in a flash.” This track paints a beautiful picture in your mind of different interactions between people in a way that is so innocent and beautiful.

Joscha David Mohs is one to watch. When you get chance listen to his previous EP, “Burn After Listening” you’ll hear the progression of this fine artists and be glad you finally stumbled across him as he’s a top bloke. Hearing him have a full band on this record makes this stand a stand out song and a fine jewel in the repertoire of Mr David Mohs.