Reel Big Fish Interview [March 2018]

Reel Big Fish Interview [March 2018]

We recently caught up with Reel Big Fish frontman Aaron Barrett to discuss Slam Dunk, Warped Tour and whether they’re actually going to write a new album at some point in the near future…

Hello! Let’s start with an introduction. Who are you and what is your role in Reel Big Fish?

I am Aaron Barrett, singer, guitar player, songwriter and founding member of Reel Big Fish.

It’s just been announced that you’re playing at Slam Dunk Festival again in May, looking forward to it?

I’ve got two words to describe how I feel about playing Slam Dunk again this year: “WOOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!!” Haha, totally excited, another amazing line up this year and we’re totally stoked to be a part of it!

Slam Dunk has grown massively over the past few years, what has it been like being one of the bands that have played most years since it started and seeing it grow around you?

It’s been really awesome seeing Slam Dunk grow so much over the years. Being there since day one we can’t help but be proud of how much has been accomplished and hope that we helped in some small way. I kind of feel like an old person watching their Grandkid grow up.

The full line-up hasn’t been announced yet, but there are some great bands on there already with Goldfinger, The Skints and Save Ferris. Is there anyone in particular that you’re looking forward to seeing?

We’re very excited that The Skints are on the bill this year, we don’t get to play with that amazing band nearly enough!

You’ve done a couple of tours with Anti Flag recently. Given that your shows are all about fun and Anti Flag are very political, is there a noticeable difference in the crowd compared to when you tour with more typically ‘fun’ bands like, say, Zebrahead?

Just because Anti Flag are political and have a message doesn’t mean that their shows aren’t a lot of fun! You can have songs about politics and still have the audience sing and dance and have a great time… and maybe learn something too! A lot of people were really surprised when we did the tour with Anti Flag but it really went well and the people at the shows loved every minute of both bands!

Vans Warped Tour is coming to an end this year. It’s a major part of a lot of bands’ touring schedule every summer. Do you think the lack of Warped Tour will have much of an impact on bands such as yourself moving forward?

I guess we’ll see about that. Warped has definitely helped our career a lot; giving us the opportunity to play in front of a lot of people who wouldn’t normally come see us play. And of course that helps the band’s fan base grow and stuff. So I guess we’ll just have to work a lot harder to get the word out about our band now!

It’s been quite some time since Reel big Fish released new music. Are there any plans for a new album any time soon?

Everybody keeps asking me this, don’t we have enough albums already!? Haha

Hollywood calls, they’re making ‘Reel Big Fish: The Movie’ and you’re in charge of casting. Who plays the band?

I’d like to see Eddie Murphy play all of us, like when he played all of those characters in “The Klumps”!

Finally, is there anything else you’d like to add?

No time for math problems right now, I gotta board a plane and fly to Washington DC!

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