The Interrupters at Stylus, Leeds 29/11/2018 [Live Review]

The Interrupters at Stylus, Leeds 29/11/2018 [Live Review]

It wouldn’t be unjust to suggest that The Interrupters are one of the most exciting bands around at the minute, and the fact that this show was upgraded from the 300 capacity Key Club to eventually sell out Stylus, a venue three times the size would certainly back up that claim.

Unfortunately, the wait to see tonight’s headliners seemed like a long one due to two support acts that could be described as average at best. Opening band Maid of Ace just don’t do anything to grab your attention and second up Grade 2, while a little better, are still pretty generic.

I have to admit that I’m pretty new to The Interrupters, having only checked out a handful of songs online before this gig. I did wonder if the band were going to peak to soon in their set after She’s Kerosene, Take Back The Power and She Got Arrested had been played within the first five songs. I shouldn’t have worried though, as despite not knowing a lot of the songs throughout the rest of the show, the band’s energy and great rapport with both the crowd and eachother made for a fantastic show.

On A Turntable was a particular highlight, and their cover of Operation Ivy’s Sound System which was prefaced with teasers of songs by other awesome California bands including Green Day, NOFX and Rancid.

Based on this showing, it’s fair to say that The Interrupters are no longer an up and coming band. Performances like this will cement the band as one of the key bands of the ska-punk genre, and it’ll not be too long before we’re considering them genre heavyweights alongside Rancid, Less Than Jake and Reel Big Fish.

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