The Zipheads: Z2 Rampage [Album Review]

The Zipheads: Z2 Rampage [Album Review]

I’m quite partial to a bit of Psychobilly. I’m also pretty keen on bands who stretch the boundaries of a genre to see how far they can go before things fall apart.

Those familiar with The Zipheads will know that this is a band who are at the front of the pack when it comes to seeing what you can do with the traditional three piece rockabilly basics – guitar, simple drums, and of course the wonderful upright bass.

Forget The Stray Cats though, these lads are off on a journey that encompasses Punk, Swing, Ska and even Soul and Pop sensibilities where they suit the music, which is how it should be.

There’s a little of The Reverend Horton Heat about their sound, although it doesn’t have that Deep South feel, perhaps if he’d have originated New York instead of Dallas then this would have been the result – a bastard son of edgy rockabilly with punk leanings, rather than out-and-out Psychobilly.

It’s not all flat our Wrecking Pit material though. Oh no, the band are much better than that, knowing that we all need to catch our breath occasionally.

Well worth hunting down.

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