Vuromantics Interview [February 2018]

Vuromantics Interview [February 2018]

We recently caught up with Cal and Jake from Sheffield based dark-pop band Vuromantics to discuss their upcoming tour, other plans for 2018 and, as always, who would star in a Hollywood movie about the band…

Hello Vuromantics! Let’s start with an introduction. Who are you and what is your role in the band?

Cal: Hello question asking person! I am Cal and I’m principally the bass player and impromptu vocaller and synthist in the Vuromantics

Jake: Hi I’m Jake, the bands guitarist, synth player and online graphic/video content provider.

For those unfamiliar with the band, could you tell us a little bit about your sound, influences etc?

Jake: The band has a vast mix in taste, we absolutely obsess over music in all areas! So this is an extremely hard question because I would be annoyed if I missed anyone from local talent all away to the big music legends, so lets just say we listen to music through a spectrum starting from World Music all the way to Classical Music? We aren’t a one genre band. Our sound has been said to be quite ’80’s’ and I think that lays within the foundation of us using synths, a lot of the sounds that are pre-set into the synths are based on old 80’s tracks we all know and love, but from what we’ve heard is we have this ‘Wonk Funk’ twist to it and that’s where we have drawn a lot of influence from Madchester scene from artists like such as ‘The Happy Mondays’ ‘Black Grape’. We also draw influence through the RnB genre Sam and myself grew up on artists like ‘Outkast’ & have recently been loving the musician ‘Anderson Paak’. All in all I would say if you ever had the luxury of being brought up on GTA San Andreas & GTA Vice City radio stations you’ll know.

Cal: Our influences are spread around and we are hardcore music fans at heart. It feels a bit silly to list anyone in particular as it’s really a mix of everything we’ve listened to. I guess for me I like fun music, as vague as that is. Something beaty with a catchy tune. Or even just beaty.

You’re about to head out on a headline tour to promote your new single. Where are you heading and are there any particular shows that you’re looking forward to?

Cal: We have a couple of dates in Scotland, then Newcastle, a hometown show in Sheffield and then some down south, Bristol and London. Looking forward to all of them really – I’ve just bought a load more bubble mix so it will be great to dust off the bubble wand ready for hitting the road again. Oh yeah by the way I always blow bubbles at our shows.

Jake: I’m looking forward to all the dates. Cant wait to hit them all up!

Following this tour, what else can we expect to see from Vuromantics in terms of live performances for the rest of 2018?

Cal: So after the tour we are going to try and hit a few festivals over the summer as we feed off festival vibes. We may have a few big shows in the pipeline as well so watch this space on that!

Jake: Yes hopefully we’ll be able to work to put out lot’s more tracks and videos.

And can we expect any more new music to follow?

Cal: Well Gold & Blue is one of 3 tracks we recorded at the same time so there’s two more where that came from bubbling away at the moment.

On tours like the one you’re about to head out on, and at your previous shows you’ve played alongside a lot of great bands that are still very much ‘under the radar’. Who should we be checking out?

Cal: We have indeed shared the stage with some great bands. Personal favourites of mine have been Push Push Malcolm in Bristol and Twist Helix in Newcastle. Oh and the metal tribute to Abba in Peterborough.

Hollywood calls, they’re making Vuromantics: The Movie and you’re in charge of casting. Who stars as the band?

Cal: Well that sounds like The Beatles or the Spice Girls movie, so it would have to be played by ourselves, there’s nobody like the Vuro! Except for me, I would be played by Hugh Jackman.

Jake: I know Sam in the past has said he’d opt for a young Joaquin Phoenix.

Finally, is there anything else you’d like to add?

Jake: Thanks for having us!

Cal: We hope to return to York soon!

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