Deaf Havana: All These Countless Nights [Album Review]

Deaf Havana: All These Countless Nights [Album Review]

It’s always risky bringing out a new album. There are questions to ask yourself like: Will people like it? Is it our best work so far? Is it relatable? The answer to these questions, for Deaf Havana at least, is yes.

All These Countless Nights sees the quintet in a new light, a bright one no doubt reflecting their future. This album kicks off strong with ‘Ashes, Ashes’ where a melodic beginning becomes a powerful sing along chorus. A very good start to the bands 4th studio album.

Next song, ‘Trigger’ is an earworm! If you’re not singing it you’ll be tapping out the beat on the nearest table. ‘Happiness’ is rather bittersweet, starting with just vocals and guitar, it really puts emphasis on the lyrics and how drinking takes its toll on love and the people around you. A lot of people can relate to this.

‘Fever’ is great; a good, strong drum and bass verse. The chorus is bursting with guitar which brings the song to whole new levels. ‘Like a Ghost’ is brilliant both lyrically and instrumentally, guitar effects and solos give it lots of character. ‘Pretty Low’ is very sweet, melodic guitar and soft vocal as singer James sings about falling in love on the train. The riff for ‘Sing’ is genius and gets you hooked right away.

Overall this album is brilliant, sweet and a little bit sassy! ‘All These Countless Nights’ is nostalgic too, a throwback to the early 2000’s but with a new flare. Deaf Havana have stood the test of time and come out on top for sure. A new direction, yes, but it’s one that I’m sure everyone wants to follow them down.

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