The year is 2074. The Terminators finally unravel their hellishly convoluted timeline and defeat John Conners and his rag-tag brigade of anti-Skynet warriors along with the last of the human race. The weather world-wide is a powerful electrical storm, with constant lightening illuminating the desolate landscape where shattered bodies of humans and robots alike lie discarded like so many leaves in a storm.

In the distance there is an illuminated arena. The storm reflects off a million polished robotic skulls, and there is music. Screeching hardcore guitars counter almost incoherent vocals while EDM rhythms underpin the sound and hold it all together in a powerful and hypnotic manner, a dark and dangerous music.

This is Syd.31. They are the last punks in the world. And they have won.

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Music writer with a strong love of pretty much any form of ska, punk, psychobilly, and quirky novelty songs. Long standing contributor to Scootering magazine, with a long history of pushing small bands on independent labels, occasionally with embarrassing results - let me know if it's an almost sold out 100 copy pressing please! Record collector since 1978 (not a typo, sadly) he has more favourite records than you can imagine, but always hopes there will be another one along this week.